For campsites

Who can offer their services at BestCamp? 

Our platform is designed for professional camping site entrepreneurs. Camping can be offered by all entrepreneurs who provide accommodation and camping services related to caravan tourism, as well as other experiences and events at the camping sites. Entrepreneurs can also market and sell their services in BestCamp. Our goal is to pool service providers who offer excellent customer experiences in one service. 

How do I enter my camping site on BestCamp? 

You can enter your camping site on BestCamp once you have signed an agreement with us, your company has a Stripe account that has been linked to BestCamp’s Stripe account, and you have received admin IDs for our service from us. 

Enter the required information in the fields in the admin service according to the instructions and publish your entry. When you publish accommodation services in BestCamp and it acts as your booking agent, customers’ payments will be forwarded to your company through Stripe. 

How much does it cost for the camping site to use BestCamp?

BestCamp will receive a commission from the camping sites for the use of the system, as agreed. Using the system is cash flow positive for your company since day one. BestCamp manages capacity and provides the entrepreneur with confirmations, payments, messages and receipts for reservations. In addition, we offer separate access control services combined with the service. 

Feel free to contact us for further information!

Who is behind BestCamp?

BestCamp is part of the Finnish company BestPark Oy (business ID 3119984-1) and the BestCaravan entity. Our aim is to provide digital tools and excellent customer experiences to camping sites in Finland and around the world. 

Welcome aboard!