For travellers

What is BestCamp?

BestCamp is a Finnish digital platform that has been developed especially for camping sites. The platform allows users to offer and book overnight stays, camping sites and experiences quickly and easily. For the traveller, BestCamp offers a smart and easy way to handle travel-related bookings and payments in advance or on the road using only a smartphone. 

What are the benefits of BestCamp for travellers? 

Travellers no longer need to rush to the camping site gates in the morning to see if there are free spots. Instead, you can check the booking status directly on your phone. With BestCamp, you can find a place for your motorhome and access a wide range of additional services. BestCamp allows you the freedom to travel and pursue activities in your own way! 

How can I book and pay for a camping pitch in advance?

We wanted to make booking and payments as easy as possible. On the booking site, you can search for campsites according to your interests and secure a place for yourself and others in the same group. Please remember to register before making any reservations. On your own page, you can find an overview your upcoming and past trips.

For payments, we use Stripe, which provides a reliable way to make card payments from anywhere. Before making a payment, please note that that cancellations or transfers may not always be possible. Camping site practices vary, and they state their policy when you book the trip. 

After booking, you will receive a booking confirmation and a receipt in your email. If you cannot find the message, please check the spam folder. If you have any questions about booking, you can always contact the camping site directly. The camping site contact information is listed in your own bookings.

Why haven’t I received a confirmation for my booking? 

Sometimes errors occur in payment verification. If this is the case, try to perform the payment again. If you suspect a double charge, contact the camping site directly. The camping site can view the booking and payment information in real time and will refund any extra charges made. Be sure to check your booking information on your own page by logging into our service at 

Where can I see the camping site prices? 

Different camping sites have different pricing policies. During booking, you will see an exact price breakdown before proceeding to the payment stage.

Are the payments secure?

Absolutely. BestCamp’s payment process is based on credit card charges, which are forwarded directly to the camping sites upon payment. The payment process is used by online stores all around the world. It is secure and meets the strict conditions set forth by payment legislation.  

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When can I arrive at the camping site? 

When booking through BestCamp, the default is that the camping day starts at 3 pm and ends at 12 noon the next day. If a camping uses different hours, they will inform you of this before booking.

Can I transfer or cancel my reservation?

The camping sites have different policies and conditions regarding cancellations. These conditions are always mentioned on the website before any payments are performed. However, even if the camping site indicates that it accepts cancellations, please do not make reservations unless you intend to use them. BestCamp wishes to foster a spirit of fairness in all its operations.

What if the camping site did not live up to its promise? 

If your visit did not match what was promised by the campsite, contact them directly and attempt to reach an agreement. If this is not possible, you can also contact us at 

Let us know what went wrong and we will help to the best of our ability.